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Arabian Nights with 31 coloring pages prepared by us.

Get ready to soar on a magical magic carpet plane with our enchanting Aladdin coloring page! Inspired by the beloved Disney classic, this page is a treasure trove of color and creativity. Join Aladdin, Jasmine, and their loyal friends as they journey through the mystical streets of Agrabah and the magical realms of the lamp.

Enter the enchanted world of Aladdin.

As you color, imagine yourself as a bold and brave prince just like Aladdin. Explore bustling markets and bustling bazaars where merchants sell exotic spices and treasures. Discover hidden passageways and secret gardens where magical flowers bloom and genies whisper secrets.

Color your way into the magical world of...

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Instructions for Downloading and Printing

To start, click on any Aladdin coloring page below to open it in a new window. From there, you can either print the page immediately or download it for later use. Feel free to download and print as many pages as you like.

Tips for Optimal Print Quality

These coloring pages are designed for US letter-sized paper but can easily be scaled to fit A4 paper. For the best print quality, make sure your printer settings are adjusted to high resolution. Your feedback is crucial for us, so please share your thoughts to help us improve the website using comment below.

Color, Relax, Repeat!

Coloring Activity:

Cool Facts About Aladdin: The Magic Never Ends!

Are you ready to dive into the amazing world of this beloved Disney classic? Here are some cool facts about Aladdin that you might not know:

1. The Magic Lamp was Inspired by Real-Life History

Did you know that the story of Aladdin's magic lamp was inspired by ancient Middle Eastern folklore? The legend of Aladdin and his magic lamp dates back to the 18th century, and it was based on real-life stories of people who claimed to have found magical lamps!

2. Aladdin was Originally a Chinese Folk Tale

Believe it or not, the original story of Aladdin was actually a Chinese folk tale! It was called "Alaeddin's Wonderful Lamp" and was written in the 18th century. It wasn't until the 19th century that the story became popular in Europe and was adapted into the Disney classic we know today!

3. Jafar's Staff is Inspired by Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Jafar's iconic staff is actually inspired by ancient Egyptian symbols! The staff's design is based on the staff of the Egyptian god Anubis, who was known for his magical powers. Who knew Jafar's evil plans were rooted in ancient history?

4. The Genie is Based on a Real-Life Spirit from Arabian Folklore

The Genie in Aladdin is based on a real-life spirit from Arabian folklore! In Arabic mythology, the Genie is a powerful supernatural being who grants wishes to those who free him from his lamp. No wonder our beloved Genie is so powerful and wise!

5. The Song "A Whole New World" Almost Didn't Make It into the Movie

Did you know that the song "A Whole New World" was almost cut from the movie? It wasn't until the film's director, Ron Clements, convinced the producers to keep it in that this iconic duet became a part of our beloved Disney classic!

6. The Magic Carpet Ride is Inspired by Islamic Art and Architecture

The magic carpet ride in Aladdin is inspired by Islamic art and architecture! The intricate designs and patterns on the carpet are inspired by traditional Islamic art, which is known for its beautiful geometric patterns and calligraphy.

7. Aladdin's Costume is Inspired by Ancient Mesopotamian Fashion

Aladdin's iconic costume is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian fashion! The tunic and pants he wears are based on traditional clothing from ancient Mesopotamia, which is now modern-day Iraq.

These cool facts show just how rich and fascinating the world of Aladdin is! From its roots in ancient folklore to its stunning visual effects, there's so much to love about this beloved Disney classic.

Interactive Aladdin Quiz

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Who is the love interest of Aladdin in the Disney show?
Princess Jasmine.
Who is the main villain in the Disney show Aladdin?
What is the name of Aladdin's pet monkey in the Disney show?
What is the name of the magic carpet that Aladdin and Jasmine ride on?
The Magic Carpet.
How many seasons did the Disney show Aladdin run for?
4 seasons (1994-1998).
How many episodes did the Disney show Aladdin have in total?
86 episodes.
Who is the character that Aladdin befriends in the cave of wonders?
The Cave of Wonders' Oracle.
What is the name of the magical object that Aladdin uses to defeat Jafar?
The Magic Lamp.
Who is the villainous advisor to Jafar in the Disney show?

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