About Us

Color4U is all about the magic of coloring! We've got pages for everyone - a playful escape for kids and a peaceful retreat for adults.  Step into our colorful world where imagination runs wild and every page is a new adventure in creativity and artistic expression.  Join our vibrant community and let's fill this world with color, fun, and joyful moments of artistic adventure!

Color + Relax + Repeat = Happy Colorer!!!

Our Story

Hey! Hi! Hello! 

We're Olga and Pavel, a duo at heart and the creative minds behind Color4U.co. As a family and founders, we've combined our passions to bring this colorful project to life for everyone who loves to color!

The idea of this project took us a while to get to.

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The story began some time ago when Olga was going through a difficult time at work that led to burnout. In her quest for relief, she explored several avenues and eventually found comfort in art classes. This creative pursuit offered her not only a refreshing change but also the joy of creating something immediately gratifying. Art became a path to relaxation, happiness, and a rekindling of her creativity, showing her a brighter side once again.

Pavel saw how art changed Olga's life. Having an IT background, Pavel thought of combining their skills to share the fun of art with others through a coloring project. That's when Color4U was born. The place for everyone to enjoy creativity, relaxation, and a bit of playfulness.

Fun note: Lots of our inspiration comes from our Yorkie dog named Orfield 🙂 Bark! Bark! Bark!

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Anyway, enough about us. Let’s do some coloring, relax, and have fun!

Meet Our Team

author olga img Olga Aksenova Co-founder & Illustrator
author pavel img Pavel Ufimtsev Co-founder & IT Expert
author kris img Kris Illustrator

Our values

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    Accessibility: Our coloring pages are free for everyone. We believe in making creativity universally available, offering a variety of designs for all ages and interests.

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    Creativity: Our website is filled with unique and original coloring pages. We encourage your creativity, inviting you to pick colors, create your own art, and share your masterpieces with others.

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    Inclusivity: We welcome everyone, celebrating diversity in all its forms. Our platform is a place for all, regardless of background or ability.

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    Community: We're dedicated to creating a space where people can connect, share, and inspire each other, highlighting the relaxing benefits of coloring.

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    Well-being: Color4U is about more than just coloring; it's about joy, creativity, and brightening lives. We're committed to spreading happiness through our pages.

How Can I Contact Color4U

See our Contact Us page for the best ways to contact Color4U

Our United States mailing address: Color4U.co
1913 W 11TH Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States

Our Georgian office:
Shartava, 22 
Batumi, 6000, Georgia

Email: hello@color4u.co
Phone +995 591 014 520